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Why is Tabulate a better choice versus using other bookkeepers?

Industry Expertise + Technology Advantage + Value Proposition = A Better Choice

We work exclusively with restaurants and bars. While most bookkeepers are generalists, we are industry experts with decades of experience in the foodservice industry.

We’ve built our own proprietary software platform specifically for restaurants and bars to deliver a substantially better customer experience. While most bookkeepers use generic one-size-fits-all software, we provide robust and customized accounting reports, industry-specific KPIs, prime reporting, daily summary detail, and transaction-level data, along with COGS and labor trend analytics.

We have a tremendous value proposition. We provide all-in-one bookkeeping services, payroll, software, and analytics for very low monthly rates, no contract required. Our technology advantage enables us to provide you with more and higher quality services for less than many firms charge for bookkeeping alone.

Why is Tabulate a better option than buying or licensing restaurant accounting software?

With Tabulate, you avoid unnecessary software costs and get a full-service solution at a tremendous value, especially considering the cost of buying or licensing other software alone. If you buy or license other software, you will still need to hire someone to actually do your bookkeeping, as well as actually run your payroll. Tabulate not only provides its own proprietary bookkeeping software built exclusively for restaurants and bars, but we also do your actual bookkeeping and your payroll as part of our low monthly fees.

How is outsourcing my bookkeeping to Tabulate better than doing it myself?

Your time is not free, and doubly so if you are diverting that time and attention away from your customers and operations. Even if you are a do-it-yourself operation, you will still need to hire a payroll provider and buy or license some accounting software. You will also not get the advantages of our management KPIs and industry-specific software or our decades of restaurant and bar experience and expertise.

Add up your DIY payroll and software costs, additional personnel costs, then factor in your lost time, expertise, software, and analytics – we think Tabulate will be the better choice and the best value.

Does Tabulate actually do my bookkeeping or just provide software?

Yes! Tabulate does your bookkeeping. And for no additional charge, we also do your payroll, utilize our proprietary industry-specific software platform, and provide you with management KPIs and analytics geared specifically for restaurants and bars. It’s everything you need to successfully operate your business.

Has Tabulate actually designed and built its own software specifically for restaurants and bars?

Yes. We’ve combined our food industry expertise, experience, and passion for helping restaurant and bar owners succeed to develop our own unique, proprietary software platform. Our mission is to level the playing field for independent bar and restaurant owners by making financial and performance data accessible, affordable, and useful.

Is Tabulate software and analytics included in all service plans for no additional fee?

Yes. All of our service plans, without additional charge, utilize our proprietary software platform to provide bar and restaurant KPIs. This includes prime reports, COGS breakdowns, labor cost breakdowns, inventory tracking, and trend analysis, along with daily summary and transaction-level detail.

Does Tabulate have cloud-based software?

Yes. The Tabulate software platform is accessible 24/7 from any web browser, including tablets and mobile phones.

Can I continue using my current payroll provider if Tabulate does my bookkeeping?

Yes. It’s not a problem if you wish to continue using another payroll provider; however, you will no doubt save money by taking advantage of Tabulate’s all-inclusive plans that include both bookkeeping and payroll services at a low monthly rate.

I have decided to switch to Tabulate, what do I need from my current bookkeeper?

Switching to Tabulate is a simple process. We will need a final balance sheet from your former bookkeeper along with information from you necessary for us to set up and process your payroll and perform bookkeeping services. Simply providing credentials for your POS system, accounting records, operating accounts, and state and federal payer accounts will give us most of the information we need to get started.

My books are several months behind, can Tabulate get my books caught up?

Yes, we can. Don’t worry – this happens to many businesses, but you do need to get your books resolved quickly and accurately. We will get you caught up for a substantially reduced monthly fee for prior months (typically 50% reduction), but we will need some further information from you in order to evaluate the extent of the work required before quoting you a definitive fee reduction.

Will Tabulate pay my vendor invoices for me?

Yes. We offer service plans that include the processing and payment of all of your invoices.

Does Tabulate reconcile my bank statements?

Yes. Tabulate reconciles your company’s financial statements as part of all of its service plans.

Who at Tabulate will be responsible for my books, payroll, and any questions I may have?

We work as a team at Tabulate, which is another great benefit of working with us. A trained and dedicated team of specialists take great care to deliver you with reliable, accurate, and timely service.

In addition, you will be assigned an Account Manager to be your primary point of contact, answer your questions, and ensure that your deliverables meet your expectations.

How long does it take to get started?

After you sign up with Tabulate, we will promptly schedule a 30-45 minute call. Our onboarding specialist will gather all of the information necessary for us to set up and process your payroll, pay your state sales and alcohol taxes, and provide your bookkeeping services. Prior to the call, you will receive a detailed checklist to help expedite the onboarding process.

Does Tabulate integrate with my bank and credit card companies?

Yes. We integrate with your bank and credit card providers as part of all our service plans at no additional fee. We have integration capabilities with most financial institutions throughout the U.S.

How much does Tabulate charge to file and pay my sales taxes?

Nothing! We pay your state sales taxes, mixed beverage taxes, and alcohol taxes as part of all of our service plans at no additional fee.

How much does Tabulate charge to file and pay my mixed beverage and alcohol sales taxes?

Nothing! We pay your state sales taxes, mixed beverage taxes, and alcohol taxes as part of all of our service plans at no additional fee.

Can Tabulate help with my mixed beverage and TABC audit?

Yes. We provide audit assistance with some service plans at no additional fee. We can otherwise assist you with your audit at a mutually agreed upon rate based on our estimate of the nature and scope of the engagement.

In addition, you may also find our educational talks and tips useful in learning about the mixed beverage and TABC audit process, including ways to minimize risks associated with such audits.

Why does Tabulate only serve restaurant and bar owners and managers?

Our mission is to level the playing field for independent bar and restaurant owners by making financial and performance data accessible, useful, and affordable. We set out to solve a complex problem and have applied our exclusive focus to being the best. Like the owners and managers we help succeed, we are entrepreneurs at heart, so we understand the risks and sacrifices, and we’re passionate about what we do.

Does Tabulate provide bookkeeping and payroll for food trucks, coffee shops, fast food franchises, and other quick service eateries?

Absolutely! We provide reliable and affordable service to all segments of the industry, large or small. We also offer discounted rates for micro-businesses like popups and food trucks.

We love working with small owners and managers, not only to help them succeed, but to also help them grow. We believe that a thriving, diverse, and innovative bar and restaurant community benefits everyone.

Does Tabulate give discounts for very small businesses?

Yes. We love helping small business owners succeed and grow. Ask our sales representatives about available options for low-volume food trucks and other small businesses. We would love to work with you.

Does Tabulate give discounts for multiple locations?

Yes. One of the huge benefits of our proprietary software platform is our consolidated reporting features and functionality for multiple location businesses. If you have 3 or more locations, ask our sales representatives about available options.

Does Tabulate give discounts if I haven’t opened my store yet?

Yes. We get it – you need financials, but also need to carefully manage your cash until you have sales revenue coming in. We have the answer – our Pre-Opening discounted plans let you check another headache off your pre-opening list.

For an extremely discounted low monthly fee, we will do your monthly books, and payroll if you it, so you’re ready to roll when you open the doors. Once you open, we’ll automatically convert you to the service plan of your choice.

If I have several store locations, can Tabulate provide store-level and consolidate financials reports?

Yes. A wonderful attribute of our proprietary software platform is the ability to easily view performance of multiple locations on both a consolidated and store-level basis, as well as run side-by-side comparisons for whatever date ranges you desire.

Does Tabulate provide monthly P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements?

Yes. We provide these accounting statements along with making available numerous other financial and performance reports. Available options include prime reports, performance snapshots, daily summary detail, transactions, inventory, accounts payable, vendor activity, trial balances, and the general ledger.

Does Tabulate provide prime cost reports with monthly or weekly breakdowns?

Yes. We can provide both monthly and weekly prime cost breakdowns in our monthly reporting packages, depending on your selected service plan.

Does Tabulate really provide daily summary detail with my analytics?

Yes. We record daily sales, comps, receipts, deposits, and adjustments within our Daily Summary functionality. This provides our clients with substantially greater visibility into their daily business activities, which enables us to reconcile daily cash and credit card sales with actual bank deposits on a daily basis.

Can I see all of my individual transactions in the Tabulate software platform?

Yes. Individual bank and credit card transactions can be viewed along with applicable accounting classifications, together with easy-to-use search and sort capabilities to find specific transactions.

How long is the term of my contract?

No term contract is required. We want you to stay forever, but that’s entirely your choice. We are committed to earning your trust and providing you with value on a continuous basis.

Can I view my reports on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. A significant part of our mission is to make financial and performance data readily accessible and useful. It is extremely important to us that you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

The weekly snapshot and prime reports are invaluable in monitoring how we’re doing.

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