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Why Choose Tabulate?

Restaurant & Bar Bookkeeping & Payroll Services with Over 50 Years Experience

Delivering better service, clearer information, and industry expertise

Restaurant life can be hectic – especially when you’re in charge. Not only do you need to keep your patrons happy and your staff motivated, but you also need to keep track of your financials. If you’re not an accounting expert, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the paperwork, especially the day-to-day drudgery of accurately tracking every dollar you spend.

This is where Tabulate excels. We’re a comprehensive bookkeeping service and software designed exclusively for restaurants and bars. With clients ranging from boutique speakeasies and food trucks to thriving chains and fine dining, we will take care of your payroll, provide deep analytical insights to grow your business, and so much more.

What You Receive with Tabulate

For one low monthly fee with no hidden charges, you get the following:


  • Full-service experts with decades of experience exclusively with bars and restaurants
    • Financial statements
      • Income (profit & loss) statements
      • Balance sheets
      • Statement of cash flow
    • Consolidated and store-level reporting for multiple locations
      • Sales tax filings and payments, on-time
        • Alcohol and mixed beverage tax filings and payments
          • Bank account reconciliation
            • Sales deposit reconciliation
              • Cash
              • Credit card
              • Third-party delivery sales
            • Trial Balance and other accounting reports
              • Accounts Payable Processing (you get bill pay with our Payables Plus plan!)


                • Full-spectrum services performed by specialists with expertise handling tips, taxes, and other unique situations for restaurants
                  • Bi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly regular payroll
                    • Direct deposits
                      • Printing and delivery of checks and stubs
                        • Employer tax liability payments
                          • Child support and garnishments
                            • Off-cycle payroll runs
                              • State workforce commission reporting and payments
                                • Annual W2s and Annual 1099s
                                  • Quarterly 941 and Annual 940 IRS reports and payments
                                    • State new hire reports


                                      • Proprietary software platform created specifically for bars, coffeeshops, food carts, franchisees, and restaurants of all sizes
                                        • Cloud-based records and data storage
                                          • Integration with banks
                                            • Integration with credit card companies
                                              • 24/7 online access
                                                • Mobile access
                                                  • Unlimited users with adjustable user permissions
                                                    • Inventory entry tool


                                                      • Prime costs and trend data you must have to manage your establishment and take it to the next level
                                                        • Prime reports
                                                          • Sales (detailed by food, liquor, beer, wine, other)
                                                          • Cost of Goods Sold (detailed by food, liquor, beer, wine, other)
                                                          • Labor (detailed by Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Management, Other)
                                                        • Daily sales detail, deposits, comps, receipts, and adjustments – complete with reporting by day, week, month, and year
                                                          • Detailed trend analysis – versus prior periods and year-to-date
                                                            • Sales
                                                            • COGS
                                                            • Labor
                                                          • Controllable and non-controllable costs breakdowns over time
                                                            • Historical view of bank and credit card transactions
                                                              • Additional reports

                                                                The Tabulate Difference

                                                                We are proud of the services we provide you, and we’re proud of how we provide them to you.

                                                                1. No Contract

                                                                You can leave any time you like, and we’ll finish up your last month’s books.

                                                                2. Easy Signup

                                                                With no setup fees required, simply select your service plan and pay for your first month to get started in minutes.

                                                                3. Simple Onboarding

                                                                We only need a 30- to 60-minute phone call to collect all the information we need to get started serving you.

                                                                4. No Hidden Fees

                                                                You’ll never see any hidden fees for any aspect of our services.

                                                                5. Tax Returns

                                                                We can prepare your Federal income taxes or provide your tax accountant with the information needed.

                                                                6. Catch-up Bookkeeping

                                                                We can quickly evaluate your situation and catch up your books at a deeply reduced rate.

                                                                7. Responsiveness

                                                                We have “one business day response” policy, and if your issue can’t be resolved in a day, we’ll let you know why and provide a resolution timeline.

                                                                8. Food Industry Roots

                                                                We’ve provided stellar bookkeeping and payroll for the food service industry for over 50 years. We have the expert knowledge to help your business.

                                                                9. Anytime, Anywhere Access

                                                                With our cloud technology platform, we can effectively serve clients anywhere in the U.S.

                                                                10. Clients Come First

                                                                We love bars and restaurants, and we’ll provide you timely and useful information to help you manage toward success.

                                                                Whether you’re a bustling restaurant, an indie coffeeshop, or anything in between, our goal is to take care of your bookkeeping and payroll as effortlessly and seamlessly as possible so you can focus on running your business.